Venue Details

These images are meant to help you visualize the space. The venue at Wesley Clover Park is used for a variety of events, but largely it is designed to accommodate equestrian competitions. The section that Wall Candy is going to be in is called the "stabling" area. The stabling area has several rows of 10'x10' Stalls. Each vendor will be entitled to two "stalls" (i.e. booths). The entire stabling area and all of the stalls will be cleaned and groomed for our event.

For Set-up ideas and stall measurements, please see the bottom of this page.


Please note that stalls may vary slightly in sizes. These measurements are meant more as a guide.


63-1/4" Frame Width (panel adjacent to door) 

48" Frame Height (to the first bar)

59" Frame Height (to the second bar)

68" Frame Height (to the third bar)

46" Door Frame Width


1-1/4" (thick) Top Bar on Front Frame

1" (thick) Middle Bar on Front Frame

1-1/4" (thick) First Bar on Side Frames

1-1/2" Top Bar on Side Frames


84" Stall Height (total, to top bar)

78" Stall Height (to first bar)

115" Stall Width (from inside)

115" Stall Depth (from inside)


47" Inside Stall at Highest Point (above total stall height)

30" Inside Stall at Lowest Point (above total stall height)

Set-up Ideas