EXPO is on SEPTEMBER 11th & 12th (11am - 5pm)

The registration for Wall Candy is now closed. We are not taking any more submissions at this time. You are encouraged to join the mailing list to be notified about future opportunities with Wall Candy.

Registration Guidelines

Please follow these steps carefully in order to register for Wall Candy:

  1. SUBMISSION: If you are new to Wall Candy, you will need to email us a sample portfolio (5 - 7 images of the work you plan to sell). If you are a returning artist/artisan, you do not need to include a portfolio. Both new and returning artists/artisans must email us at with the following information:

    • Full Name

    • Phone Number

    • Email address you plan to send the e-transfer from

  2. ACCEPTANCE: Once we have approved your submission, we will send you a confirmation email. If your submission is not accepted, you will also be notified. In both instances, you can expect to hear back from us within three to five business days of your submission.

  3. Finalizing REGISTRATION: When you receive the acceptance email, you will need to send us your e-transfer payment of $160 to

    • IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the name and email address you send the e-transfer from correctly matches the original submission email you sent us.

    • The order in which completed registrations occur is the order in which time-tickets will be assigned for set-up the day of the event.

  4. SET-UP Time Ticket: Set-up times for the day of the event, as well as spot selection, will be done through a Time-Ticket system. Vendors will be assigned an ID number, which will correspond to a time-ticket for arrival to set-up based on the order of their completed registration.

    • The earlier you register, the earlier your time ticket will be.

    • You may choose to come later than your assigned time, but cannot arrive earlier. We do however ask that you try to arrive on time, as we are staggering arrival times to help with social distancing.


Please note that all registrations are final. You may choose to transfer your registration to another artist or artisan (provided they have been approved by us).



How Should I Set-up?

Vendors can be as creative with their set-up as they wish! You are however expected to use one of your two stalls for just your personal use, and the other stall for your displays. This is to help with social distancing. You may use the front of both stalls, and place tables outside of your booth as there is plenty of room there too!